Kate Laga

Tennis Coach

Private and Group Lessons plus Coaching for Kids and Adults in Los Angeles.

“Is greatness winning? Is it losing? Is it recovery? It’s all of them, plus being good to yourself.”
- Serena Williams -

About Kate

Since the age of four, tennis has been an essential part of my life.
The court became my second home, especially during my competitive junior and early adult years across Germany.
The countless training hours, practice sessions and matches were necessary to prepare myself mentally and physically for the rigors of professional competition.
Through my years of experience as a player myself and as a certified tennis coach I'm specializing in teaching the fundamentals of the sport to players of all ages.
Whether instructing young beginners or fine-tuning the skills of seasoned players, I'm committed to nurturing the growth and fostering a love for the sport.
With roots in Hungary, Czech Republic and Germany, I settled in Los Angeles in 2020.
I'm bilingual, speaking English and German fluently.


Whether you're just starting your tennis journey or already consider yourself an advanced player, I'm here to guide you every step of the way.
Together, we'll build a solid foundation and master the fundamental techniques.
If you're already a seasoned player, I'll equip you with the advanced skills and strategies necessary to take your game to the next level of excellence.
If you're intrigued by the idea of embarking on an enriching tennis journey with me, simply express your interest, and we'll hit the court together!
Whether you're aiming to refine your technique, improve your fitness, or simply fall in love with the sport, I'm dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.
My coaching expertise extends across various age groups, allowing me to work with a diverse range of individuals.
I specialize in coaching children aged 5-11, teenagers, and adults. No matter your age, you'll find a warm and encouraging environment where your tennis aspirations can flourish.


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